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Decorative style bollard, with multiple cut out designs avaliable or your own custom design. The VANCOUVER has different heights avaliables, optical performance and minimal footprint it is a great addition to any project that requires that extra design feature. Also avaliable in other finishes.  


Colour Finish
  • Product: Bollard

    Light source: LED 3000K, 4000K

    Wattage: 7w | 8w | 15w | 21w

    Lumens: 90 - 1571lm (dependant on fitting) 

    Distribution: 34° - 143 °

    Control: Integral

    Dimming: On/Off, 1-10V and DALI (not avaliable with all options)

    IP: 65


    Vancouver (3,34), (11,35), (12,36), (13,37) and (40) -

    240mm x 240mm x 1000 (H) mm

    Vancouver (4,33) and (39)

    160mm x 160mm x 1000 (H) mm 

    Vancouver (31) and (38) - 

    120mm x 120 mm x 600 (H) mm 

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