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Come to Us

Meet with a Luxygen Lighting Designer for a lighting consultation in our Fyshwick office at 301 Canberra Ave Fyshwick 2609.

Virtual Meeting

Meet with a Luxygen Lighting Designer for an online consultation via an online platform, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime at a time that suits you.

Design Process

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Lighting Language

We explain the lighting jargon in simple terms, providing you with a clear understanding to help you select the right products for your lighting needs.

Concept Mood Board

We work with your floor plans to help bring your lighting concept to life. You’ll be able to visualise your floor plans via our light map. We also include key concepts, discussion points and in-situ images to help you further visualise each space individually. Armed with this and your new reflected ceiling plan your ready to take on any lighting supplier and work within your own budget to achieve your desired lighting outcomes.


Starting at $220 inclusive of GST. At Luxygen, we provide you with an independent concept, free of being locked into using our ranges. None of the "you get your money back when you buy our products", you pay for the concept and you own it.

You're now free to shop where you want, when you want and allows you to make the best decisions for your budget.

Contact Us

Email us at or call our office on 02 6174 1777.

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