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Simple and security oriented the TAURAS features a soft distrubition. Flat or dome top and different heights avaliables, 360 ° optical performance and minimal footprint it is a great addition to any project especially those that require a security bollard. Also avaliable in other finishes.  


Colour Finish
  • Product: Bollard

    Light source: LED 3000K, 4000K

    Wattage: 41w 

    Lumens: 756 - 974lm

    Distribution: 360°

    Control: Integral

    Dimming: Fixed Output

    IP: 65


    Tauras 1 -

    160 mm dia - 500 (H) mm (dome), 460 (H) mm (flat)

    160mm dia - 771 (H) mm (dome), 748 (H) mm (flat)

    160mm dia - 1076 (H) mm (dome), 1053 (H) mm (flat) 

    Tauras 2 - 

    186mm dia - 513 (H) mm (dome), 478 (H) mm (flat)

    186mm dia - 785 (H) mm (dome), 748 (H) mm (flat) 

    186mm dia - 1090 (H) mm (dome), 1053 (H) mm (flat) 

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