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TOOY - By Radiant


With a painted dome, and ring either painted or finished with brushed brass or galvanic copper. Collection of contemporary lamps available in three sizes for single-unit or dynamic compositions. The bright diamond screen is made of plexiglass, to produce a pleasant diffused illumination. These lamps are versatile and timeless, thanks to their simple shape and rich materiality.

Dimmable via phase cut.


MOLLY 556.73

Colour Finish
  • Product: Wall / Ceiling

    Light source: LED

    Color temperature: 2700k

    Lumens: 800, 1200, 1500

    Wattage (LED): 8w, 12w, 17w

    Socket: 1 x LED

    Dimensions: Ø 15 H 10 cm

    Dimensions: Ø 20 H 12 cm

    Dimensions: Ø 38 H 19 cm

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