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Honouring a truth to materials, the Knuckle Table Lamp is designed to promote the beauty of the light bulb through its simple and honest form.

Combining a cylinder of different finishes, it comes complete with a tactile in-line dimmer to achieve the maximum dimming performance from any Tala LED bulb.

Versatile and accessible, the Knuckle Table Lamp ideal for decorating a desk, shelf or bedside table.


Finishes avaliable - Oak, Walnut and Blackened Oak


Colour Finish
  • Product: Table

    Light source: Voronoi I Lamp - (2W, E27, CRI 95),  Sphere IV - (8W, E27, CRI 95)

    Dimensions: Voronoi I Lamp Version (125mm x 270mm) and Sphere IV (150mm x 280mm) , Cable length 300cm (grey braided PVC cord with in-line dimmer)

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