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Oluce - By Euroluce


KIN by Francesco Rota, 2013


Pendant lamp producing direct and diffuse light.


The KIN pendant lamp designed in 2013 by Francesco Rota for OLUCE, comprises of a cast aluminium body and ceiling rose, and opalised PMMA edge lit diffuser optic, with dedicated LED light source. KIN is available with a white, black or high gloss copper finish, in 2 body sizes.


  • Product: Pendant

    Light source: 

    478: 4.5W dedicated LED light source, non-replaceable

    479: 12W dedicated LED light source, non-replaceable 

    IP: IP20, Indoor use only

    Colour Temp: 3000K


    478: Ø150mm wide 

    479: Ø300mm wide 

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