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ARTEMIDE - By ALA Projects


Hoy is a system of adjustable spotlights with a basic shape, yet a rich performance. A simple cylinder protrudes from the surface with varying heights for the different versions (recessed, semi-recessed, SMD, track). 


Its volume is divided to direct emission in space, the mobile part hosts to the source and the optical devices required to produce four different beam angles (13°, 24°, 48°, 68°). 


  • Product: Recessed (trim | trimless)

    Shape: Round, Square

    Version: Fixed, Adjustable

    Light source: LED 2700K, 3000K, 4000K

    Wattage: 19w

    Delivered Lumens: 1771 lm - 2204 lm

    Distribution: 12°, 23°, 48°, 68°

    CRI: 90

    Control: Remote

    Dimming: Fixed Output, Push Dim, DALI

    IP: 20 


    Ø 90mm x 166 (H) mm (recessed)

    Ø 90mm x 105 (H) mm (semi-recessed)

  • For product downloads and specification:

    EVERYTHING 150 Trim

    EVERYTHING 150 Trimless


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