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Tala - By Euroluce


G9 by Tala


For this compact light source, Tala has brought the ubiquitous G9 halogen lamp into the present day.

Designed to overcome the technical deficiencies of other LED G9 equivalents, such as poor dimming, short lifetime and substandard light quality, the Tala G9 is built from heat-dissipating ceramic to allow long lifetime in enclosed luminaires* and comes with Tala’s signature smooth dimming characteristics.


It also delivers near-perfect colour rendering at the same colour temperature as the old favourite halogen G9.


The G9 uses 3.6 Watts of power to deliver 360 lumens, with gallery-quality colour rendering CRI 97 (R9 97).


  • Product: Lamp

    Light source: 3.6W

    Colour Temp: 2700K

    CRI: 97

    Lamp Base: G9

    Dimensions: 18mm x 57mm

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