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FLUXWOOD - Designed and crafted in QLD


Cloak is a statement pendant designed for kitchen islands, interiors and workspaces.
The design is collaboration between 3 local workshops working together to create a unified design that showcases the beauty of solid timber while providing high-quality and high-output lighting.


Cloak is designed with customisable hardwood timber panels which allow for easy matching to other timber elements such as flooring or cabinetry. Cloak is fitted with high quality integral LED’s which provide 1500lm/m, making Cloak both a statement pendant light and functional lightsource.


  • Product: Suspension

    Light source: LED, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K

    Output: 1500lm/m


    40w x 55h (mm)
    Available in standard lengths of:
    850, 1130, 1695 and 2250mm
    Custom lengths available.

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