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John Gorton Building

The John Gorton Building is a heritage government building located in the Parliamentary Triangle in the Australian Capital Territory. The building is also part of the significant cultural landscape of the Parliamentary triangle. Externally the building is faced with polished red granite to ground floor and dressed sandstone ashlar blocks to the upper levels. The previous lighting was metal halide floodlights in 4200K.

The new lighting solution replaced the MH floods keeping their existing positions and replacing 16 fittings at the building wings plus 8 fittings at the entrances in revised locations to more strongly identify building contours. The new locations are generally further back and at an angle to the building face, allowing better control of light spill, and giving the opportunity to highlight the building’s strong architectural features. This solution allows the identity of the building to be expressed far more strongly at night-time. The design was done by BMM engineers who chose to use amber instead of white light to enhance the sandstone. The luminaires selected are the Ligman Quantum 3 RGBA flood lights. The colour change control is via DMX and the project was installed and commissioned by Davis Hart Electrical Solutions.



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