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Capital Linen Service

Luxygen was asked to review the existing high bay luminaires and provide an option for either a 1 for 1 replacement or offer a new solution for the replacement of 72 luminaires at Capital Linen Service.

Based in Canberra, Capital Linen Service is a commercial business unit within the ACT government's Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate. They have been providing linen services to the health industry, aged care facilities and top-tier privately owned hotels in the Canberra region since 1978. The facility processes around 150 tonnes of linen per week, approximately 13.7 million items a year, so approximately 44,000 items per day. The facility is approximately 1600 square meters in the main machine area with a ceiling height of 6.5m to the imperial ceiling grid. It's a humid space with high heat and steam at the ceiling and lots of airborne lint.

The original luminaires were an 5000-6500k 180w IP65 ShineOn high bay mounted into a custom pan to fit the imperial grid. This design allowed air to flow between the front lens to the heat sink and rear mounted driver. During our first inspections it was very clear to see that this air movement was the demise of this existing lighting infrastructure. Large amounts of lint were able to pass through the lened areas and collect onto the heatsinks and drivers ultimately allowing them to overheat, I'd have also wondered if they would be considered a fire hazard. 

ELS recommended the IP65 Titan, with its sealed front face to protect against the air-borne lint and high levels of steam. Their ability to customise the size of the product meant I could provide a luminaire that could fit perfectly within the grid. The driver was also within an IP enclosure and remotely mounted a metre away from the body. At the request of the contractor a 7m flex and plug lead was easily added to aid in the installation process. The led chipset was found to work best at 5000K firstly due to night shift suitability, but more so to aid in the identification of smaller marks on any of the items processed.

Capital Linen chose the ELS Titan fitting for its performance and customisation ability. They had a high level of comfort that as a supplier we understood their issues in the environment and worked together to achieve a great outcome. They liked the fact that we offered a locally manufactured product and are going to be here to support them over the life of the product with warranty and fast response if required.

It was a pleasure to work on this project with the team at ELS, the Capital Linen facility guys and Peter Ashley from PAES Group. For all your Canberra lighting requirements, contact us!



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