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ANU Coombs Building

College of Asia and the Pacific

The Coombs Building was officially opened in September 1964 and finally completed in 1969. In 2018 refurbishment plans were announced to update the design within the three hexagons.

CK Architecture provide design direction for this heritage significant building. There were several heritage luminaires that were to remain as part of the upgrade that required refurbishment. WSP Engineers selected Luxygen to provide these works and they also selected Luxygen to supply the replacement of the main oyster luminaire with a very similar LED luminaire from RZB out of Germany.

Luxygen worked closely with Shaw Building Group and ELCOM electrical to provide a solution for the tearoom heritage luminaires. These included the five large pendants and the four surface mounted downlights.

The intent was to provide new LED light sources and restore as much of the original componentry as possible. The results are spectacular, and a good majority of the components remain original.



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