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KDLN - By Radiant Lighting


Designed by Emmanuel Babled


Glass drops suspended in space like dew, tangible and fleeting, they multiply their luminous reflections. A system that allows for total compositional freedom. From two to an infinite number of elements to create a chandelier of all shapes and sizes, from cascades to strings of light. Bringing a dreamlike dimension to any space with a custom finish to every project.


Colour Finish: Black
  • Product: Pendant

    Light source: Dew: LED 1 x 4.2W Dew 3: LED 3 x 4.3W Dew 5: LED 5 x 4.2W

    IP: IP20

    Dimensions: Ø 11 x 250 (H) cm | Ø 25 x 250 (H) cm | Ø 20 x 250 (H) cm

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