Outdoor Inground

ALMA prides itself on being a company that represents quality lighting manufacturers. Each company we support is unique in its products, people and history. 

To see what's on offer from ALMA Lighting visit www.almalighting.com.au/exterior-lighting


Artemide is one of the most known illumination brands in the world. Known for its "The Human Light" philosophy, Artemide boasts high skills in light design and innovation, with products originating from research and high-quality manufacturing.

To see what's on offer from Artemide Lighting visit www.artemide.com/en/products/outdoor


Service and quality are the hallmarks of Dux Lighting’s success. We support and encourage local trades and suppliers. We value our reputation and will not compromise. Thank you for supporting Australian manufacturing.

To see what's on offer from DUX Lighting visit https://www.duxlighting.com.au/new-products-1


The Euroluce collection is one of breadth and depth, an extensive range that answers the needs of contemporary architecture. Within our portfolio of brands, there is a consistent level of quality and innovation, allowing us to package lighting solutions for all our clients, irrespective of the project demands.

To see what's on offer from Euroluce visit www.euroluce.com.au/outdoor/outdoor-inground/


LIGMAN’s comprehensive ability to design, manufacture and distribute quality lighting fixtures has been well established over the years. The company is committed to producing world-class, high efficiency and top quality outdoor and indoor lighting products and is now being recognised for these key merits not only in local markets but internationally by lighting professionals.

To see what's on offer from Ligman visit www.ligman.com/products/outdoor/in-ground-luminaires-in2/


Radiant Lighting has been at the forefront of lighting quality, innovation and design to the residential and commercial design sector since establishing in early 1988. 

To see what's on offer from Radiant visit https://www.radiantlighting.com.au/products/outdoor-lighting/?sortby=date-desc


The XERO Lighting Group is a company that specialises in design, manufacture and the distribution of linear lighting systems. Its core management team of 10 has collectively over 300 years relevant, hands on experience in the industry. They have also been directly responsible for over 1,000 high-end, linear lighting installations globally.

To see more on offer from Xero Lighting visit https://xerolighting.com/products/


Since 2006, 3S Lighting has been providing its customers with lighting solutions and creating outstanding quality products for a wide range of applications. 3S are an Australian Manufacturing company located on the central coast of NSW.

To see more on offer from 3S Lighting visit www.3slighting.com/products/exterior/inground/

About Luxygen

At Luxygen, our mission is to provide the best possible service to our customers. Our effects are focused on constantly adding value to our client's projects. We can assist your specification design with product application information and support. We can give you correct budget costing information and product availabity details. Custom design assistance through our internal design team or via our product partners. Assistance with product data information and luminaire samples. Lighting design, designer lighting and architectural lighting.

Phone: 02 6174 1777 Email:sales@luxygen.com.au Address: 301 Canberra Avenue Fyshwick ACT 2609